STAR TREK 3 Is Boldly Going With New Writers

The next TREK will warp away from Kurtzman, Orci and Lindelof. Find out who could be steering the Starship Enterprise now.

Excellent sources have revealed to me that the new writers for Star Trek 3 have been found, and as expected Bad Robot is hiring from within the ranks of past collaborators. Continuing with the first two films' tradition of having writing teams, the script for Trek 3 will be written by duo Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz. You know them as the guys who wrote the first Thor and who have a writing credit on X-Men: First Class. They also worked as writers and producers on Fringe, making them part of the Bad Robot family. They also have some Gene Roddenberry experience thanks to their work on the schlocky TV show Andromeda

Don't get too excited about certain writers taking their hands off the property - Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are still on as writers producers. I heard that they were instrumental in making the decision about going after Stentz and Miller. What their day-to-day involvement moving forward will be I couldn't say.

Keep in mind this isn't a done deal, so it's possible that someone else could end up getting the gig. And there's no guarantee they're the final writers on the project. But as of right now it's Stentz and Miller's job to lose. And since Paramount wants this movie out in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, expect work to begin on it ASAP.

Speaking of losing jobs... why is it that I keep hearing tons of rumors that JJ Abrams is on the verge of dropping out of Star Wars? This has been something I've heard for a while now, and from multiple insiders. I know that he didn't want to shoot the movie in England and was overruled, but that happened a while ago. This weekend at Comic Con I continued to hear these whispers. No director for Trek 3 has been found yet - might Abrams end up coming back after all, leaving Star Wars to someone else? I'm expecting Star Wars news out of the German Star Wars Celebration at the end of the month - if there is some sort of announcement of a title or casting and Abrams isn't there, start wondering.

UPDATE: I just want to make it clear that I never said Abrams is leaving. I'm just saying that I have heard rumors from MANY sources that he's been considering/threatening it. Other web types have heard the same. We've all been hearing it for MONTHS. There have been a lot of other sites that have been running with this part of the story as if it's in stone, and it isn't even close.