A First Glimpse Of The New Godzilla

Footage smuggled out of Comic-Con's Godzilla Experience reveals the new King of the Monsters.

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I did the Godzilla Experience at Comic-Con this year; it was a fun haunted house-type thing where you walk through the a couple of rooms and experience a simulated Godzilla attack. They had some cool stuff, like the original Oxygen Destroyer prop from the original Gojira, and it was fun. The highlight - and point - of the whole thing was a moment where you're standing in a high rise office looking out a window on a dark, rainy cityscape. The huge, hulking form of Godzilla passes by the window, then stops, looks in and roars, shaking the whole room. Literally. 

There was a strict no camera policy in the Experience, but you just knew some guy would ignore that. And he did! Above is video surreptitiously taken of the thing, and it shows off the new Godzilla about as well as it was shown off in the actual room. A caveat: my understanding is that this Godzilla footage was created for the Experience, and is not from the movie. But the design is the design - this is what Godzilla looks like.