Homecoming Mascot Asks Nirvana To Make Video For Her School

The Ying Yang Twins already have, guys. 

The good news: as we approach the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide the kids of today still know Nirvana. The bad news: the kids of today may not really have a grasp on what Nirvana was.

Sub Pop Records posted this amazing letter on their Tumblr today. It's from the Virginia Tech homecoming queen (and mascot), and it's an earnest request for Nirvana to record a video message for the school. She's already secured some big named, like Big N Rich, the Ying Yang Twins and three (3) NFL players. What message would Nirvana record? Why, it's something really in line with the bands' attitude:

"What’s up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LET’S GO HOAGIES!"

I have never wished Kurt Cobain was still alive more. 

In the letter the poor girl refers to NIrvana as 'her' at one point; it's unclear if that's an error caused by cutting and pasting a form letter of a truly deep lack of knowledge of the band. I have to assume that somebody on the homecoming committee threw Nirvana's name on a list as a joke and is fucking DYING laughing right now.

Sub Pop, being Sub Pop, has recorded a video of some sort. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. Here's the letter: