How Jeffrey Tambor Is Helping Keep Small Bookstores Alive

You knew Quentin Tarantino owned a movie theater. Did you know Jeffrey Tambor was a part-owner of an indie bookstore?

Skylight Books is my neighborhood bookstore, and it's an incredibly cool place. It has a great, helpful staff, a terrific selection and cool curating that means you're always being directed to the best books in the place. It's actually thriving, with a new annex being built right now. In a world where the big chains wiped out the mom and pops before Amazon wiped out the big chains, Skylight is a delightful anamoly. 

Even more delightful: this weekend actor Jeffrey Tambor - he of Hellboy and Arrested Development fame, among many other great credits - announced he was a part-owner of the store. According to the LA Times he's pretty much a silent partner, and maybe has been for a while. It's unclear why he decided to announce his involvement this weekend, but he did it in a delightful way:

I think it's incredibly cool. There are probably better investments a guy like Tambor could make, but he's putting his money into the kind of local business that deserves everybody's support.

If you're ever in LA you should definitely visit Skylight Books (website here) on Vermont Avenue in the Los Feliz neighborhood. If you live in LA, know that William Friedkin will be in the house this Friday, reading from his book The Friedkin Connection - surely a great reason to stop in.

Skylight image via IndieBound.