Michael B. Jordan Could Learn To Make A Stew In ROCKY Spin-Off CREED

Directed by his FRUITVALE STATION helmer Ryan Coogler.

Here's today's charmingly WTF news: Ryan Coogler, director of the acclaimed Fruitvale Station, is going to be directing Creed, a spin-off of the Rocky films, and it looks like Michael B. Jordan will be playing Apollo Creed's grandson. Sylvester Stallone is involved and will be playing an aged Rocky Balboa, finding himself in the Mickey role as the old trainer to the young punk. 

Wow. I happen to think this is awesome. Sure, it's technically Rocky VII, but there's something weirdly organic about the whole thing. And let's face it, it's tough to get movies made about anybody who isn't a white male, so jumping off the Italian Stallion is a smart move. What's more, I don't mind more movies in the vein of Rocky, and you have to assume that Creed will be at least sort of tonally in line with the best in the series. And in a larger franchise way I like Rocky slipping off to the side, the cycle of life turning him into the man who mentored him. I'm excited to see him die in Creed III.

And what if it's really good? People forget, but Rocky is an Oscar-winning movie. Coogler and Jordan have serious Oscar momentum from Fruitvale Station, so coming into this series and bringing it back to its roots makes a certain sense. I think it could be really good. 

I just wonder if Coogler has a brother. Who will be his Frank Stallone? Instead of singing doo-wop he can be human beat boxing.