COLD COMES THE NIGHT Trailer: Bryan Cranston Finally Plays A Bad Guy

Evil Russians are coming back in style!

Based solely on this trailer (courtesy of Total Film), Cold Comes the Night appears to be a kind of "based on true events" movie version of No Country For Old Men, where all the weirdness and grand themes are scrubbed away to focus just on the killer hunting a sticky-fingered but largely innocent protagonist for some missing money bits. Instead of a clever war vet, the main character is a single mother. And instead of having weird hair, the terminator-like villain is Russian.

I'm a little disappointed in Bryan Cranston's film work to date, so his inclusion doesn't automatically mean much to me. But his cool Russian accent is a different story altogether. Who knows if this will be good or not? I just want to know how evil and badass Cranston's killer character gets. Does he put a bullet in the kid's ear? Probably not. But maybe he shoots enough other people in the ear to make up for it!

Cold Comes the Night comes out this fall (when it will be colder). Hopefully its gets a wide release.