Fincher’s GONE GIRL To Cast Tyler Perry?

Somehow, this is all the Large Hadron Collider's fault.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack Reacher's Rosamund Pike has been offered and will likely accept the lead role in David Fincher's upcoming Gone Girl. While that is certainly a news story of proper worth and validity, the greater story is actually lurking beneath the headline.

Along with Pike, the project is apparently considering support turns from both Neil Patrick Harris and none other than Tyler Perry. While I must admit my Tyler Perry enthusiasm has been on the wane of late, this is still very exciting.

I know little about the source material, so Perry's potential role is a complete mystery. Chances are good, however, that they will ask him to play a human being, an almost always interesting prospect.

It should be noted that Perry has not accepted any role and so far is only being "eyed" for the project. But still, the idea that he could be named-dropped as a potential supporting actor speaks to the wonderful strangeness of our world. I hope it happens.