Cheers! A Celebration Of Pub Life: The August Issue Of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH.

Journey with us to THE WORLD'S END for our August issue of the new BAD magazine!

We're awfully chuffed to announce the August issue of Birth.Movies.Death., an issue celebrating pub life in honor of The World's End! Devin's got some stuff to say about that: 

A Pint from the Editor

A pub isn’t just a bar, it’s the center of life in small English towns. It’s where people eat meals, meet friends, get the local news... and also get pissed, as they like to say over there. Over the years there have been many great cinematic pubs, from Pat Cohen's to the Slaughtered Lamb to the Winchester. This summer add a new pub to that list... or rather, twelve new pubs. Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END chronicles a group of friends’ attempt to visit twelve pubs in their hometown in one night while a strange and mysterious invasion occurs around them. It’s the latest movie to reteam Wright with his SPACED/SHAUN OF THE DEAD/HOT FUZZ companions Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, and we’re so excited about it we decided to center our whole second issue of BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH around it.

Specifically we’ve centered it around the intersection of movies and drinking, with a special focus on the British. The Korova Milk Bar isn’t exactly a pub, but who can forget its iconic presence in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE? Check out our history of Ealing Studios and our ode to WITHNAIL & I. But before you dive into that, be sure to read about the real-life peril facing England’s historic pubs; we may be an ocean away but all beer drinkers will care.

We’re proud of this second issue, and we hope you’re enjoying it as well. We want to hear from you! Send an email to us at [email protected], or just drop by our Tumblr  at For even more great content, visit us here at BAD, our regular home. And good news: now you can take BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. with you! Visit the iTunes store to get yourself a digital subscription - don’t miss a single article from here on out!

So when someone asks you what you're doing in August, answer them in the immortal words of PC Danny Butterman: "I"

You can check out all issues of Birth.Movies.Death. digitally on Scribd, and of course we'll be posting BMD content here on BAD throughout the month of August, as well. Stay tuned for future issues, as I truly believe this magazine is just getting better and better. We have some incredible writers from around the country joining our roster, and we're determined to continue celebrating the best films the silver screen has to offer the only way we know how: with true, unadulterated, heart-kablooing enthusiasm. 

Check out the montage for the Pub Life programming at the Alamo Drafthouse in August: