Why I Won’t Review The 3D In 3D Movies

I constantly get asked 'How was the 3D?' Here's why I won't be answering anymore.

A couple of weeks ago my friend was in Arizona. He had previously seen Pacific Rim at an LA pre-screening and was excited to go see it again; he chose a local Arizona theater that had it playing in 3D, happily paid his money and sat down to watch. He didn't make it all the way through the film; the presentation was so bad as to render the movie essentially unwatchable. He had seen the movie presented in the best possible way previously, at the Warner Bros screening room, so he knew it wasnt supposed to look like that. But nobody in that theater had any clue.

Every time I review a 3D movie I inevitably get asked, 'How was the 3D?' I've tried to quantify it in the past, but I'm done with it. Experience has shown that presentation quality varies so wildly that there's no point in sharing my opinion of a particular film's 3D, as my readership may very well never get a chance to see it in any sort of optimal setting. No matter how much I would have gushed about Pacific Rim'post-conversion - and I thought it was a very well done post-conversion - the people sitting in that Arizona movie theater would have still seen a murky, sloppy presentation of the film. 

I don't know where we stand in the 3D fad; this year's Comic-Con saw only a handful of studios presenting in 3D. It feels like movies are still being dutifully rolled out in 3D just because (this is my biggest complaint about Marvel movies - why is my viewing experience of The Avengers better and brighter at home than it was when I saw it at the world premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood? I wish they would just put these things out in 2D), but that any sense of excitement is on the wane. And I get why, if my friend's experience is the norm. 

Basically I'm seeing 3D movies projected optimally, but most of you are not. Therefore I can't give you an honest reaction to the 3D in movies because I don't know if you'll be able to see it at a quality level. I'll keep seeing 3D movies - I don't really have much of a choice, as most studios do not give critics an option to see movies in 2D - but I won't have an opinion on the 3D in them.