John Williams Returning For STAR WARS EPISODE VII

So we have that to look forward to, at least.

If you were to list the good parts of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, you'd have to put Duel of the Fates pretty high up. John Williams has been the one positive thread that goes throughout the Star Wars movies, and we have good news out of Star Wars Celebration Europe: he's coming back for the next one.

It's sort of a no-brainer, but it was also sort of up in the air. Williams is old - 81 years old - so it wasn't a sure thing he would return. And JJ Abrams has his own composer, Michael Giacchino, who would obviously love a crack at the Star Wars universe. But bringing back Williams (for however many films he can do) sends a clear message: this is a Star Wars movie coming from Lucasfilm and that Abrams is working for them. Which is clearly the way it should be, especially considering Abrams' track record vs Lucasfilm's, but everybody online seems to think this is going to be JJ's show top to bottom.

So good news: at least the Episode VII score will be worth listening to. We'll find out if the movie is worth seeing.

Here's the video played at the announcement, where John Williams pre-emptively says he doesn't know the story of the movie so don't bug him about it: