David O. Russell's latest has a real Scorsese vibe.

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If you're making a movie set in the 70s and you have lots of gliding camera shots you're going to get compared to Martin Scorsese or Paul Thomas Anderson, or at the very least to Goodfellas or Boogie Nights. And that's okay! There are worse comparisons to make, and making that comparison with David O. Russell's latest, American Hustle, means not comparing it to his schmaltzy Oscar-baiting Silver Linings Playbook.

He reunites with some of his cast for this film, a fictionalization of the ABSCAM investigation, wherein the FBI set up a fake Arab sheikh to trick Congressmen into  taking bribes. They did it with the help of con man Melvin Weinberg, who I am assuming is the Christian Bale character (he's named Irving Rosenfeld in the movie. Like I said, a fictionalization). The trailer looks great, and the production design looks incredible. Could this movie spark yet another wave of 70s nostalgia? The hair and suits are tangible enough to do so. 

A sidenote, as mentioned by Russ FIscher on Twitter: how weird is it hearing Led Zeppelin in a trailer? A few years ago they wouldn't even let their music be in MOVIES, period, and now it's in car commercials and movie trailers. I imagine the studio paid out a pretty penny for the track.