Machete Kills A Lot Of People In The New MACHETE KILLS Trailer

Machete don't tweet.

Fresh off the announcement that Machete Kills will be opening this year's Fantastic Fest, we have a new trailer which shows off a bit more of what we can expect from the sequel. And by that I mean funny actor cameos and novelty deaths.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. We don't watch Robert Rodriguez films for their deep dramatic content or even for their faux grindhouse aesthetic but rather their for gleeful penchant for making R-rated Looney Tunes cartoons brought half-convincingly to life. None of the kills here match the first Machete's gut-rope, but it's also not a red band trailer.

You may feel bad about yourself the next day, but this will be a blast to watch in a rowdy theater. If nothing else: Cuba Gooding Jr. Also: Mel Gibson in a cape. Also also: Antonio Banderas' mustache.