DOCTOR WHO’s New Doctor Is An Old White Guy

But he's probably the best damn old white guy available.

As BAD's resident person who watched some Doctor Who and thought it was okay before getting bored and giving up on the show (actually, there might be more than one of us), I'm sort of excited about today's reveal that Peter Capaldi will be the long-running show's 12th Doctor.

You probably know Capaldi as the raging manoholic cursing up a storm in In the Loop. He was also featured briefly in this summer's World War Z.  Though Capaldi does not shake the series' apparently very strict gender and racial profile, he is an older actor than the revamped version of the show is accustomed to. There's a lot of talk about Who 'shippers perhaps losing interest due to his age. I think that's nonsense. The guy's super attractive, and will probably just teach nerdy ladies all over the world to invite a little grey into their taste profile.

My capacity for excitement is somewhat limited with this series, but Capaldi should bring a very welcome crankiness to the role and maybe even a little gravitas. It's hard to imagine him taking part in the show's near constant atmosphere of asexual sexual tension. But you never know.