Long-Gestating KINISON Biopic Books Confidence-Inspiring Director, Lead

BORAT director Larry Charles, THE BOOK OF MORMON's Josh Gad, and the guy who wrote xXx: STATE OF THE UNION will bring Sam Kinison's life to the big screen. OK, then.

For years now, Hollywood's been trying to get a film about late comedian Sam Kinison (seen above) into theaters.  Directors have been attached (and then unattached) to the film, writers have taken their crack at a screenplay (many using Bill Kinison's 1994 biography, Brother Sam, as their jumping-off point), and actors have campaigned for the lead role (sometimes heavily, as was the case with Balls of Fury star Dan Fogler), but until now the entire project's been one of those things people seemed content to daydream about making rather than, y'know, actually making. But according to a report over on Deadline, we're closer to seeing Kinison on the big screen than we've ever been.  Hell, they've even hired a confidence-inspiring director and a star.  Here's the pertinent info:

Larry Charles, who helmed the Sacha Baron Cohen comedies Borat, Bruno and The Dictator, has signed on to direct and Josh Gad is set to play the pentecostal preacher-turned-manic standup comedian. Kinison has a script by xXx scribe Rich Wilkes, based on the book Brother Sam by Bill Kinison. Permut will produce, Tom Shadyac and Bill Kinison will be exec producers, and Steve Longi and Permut Presentations’ Chris Mangano will co-produce.

Josh Gad's a name you might recognize:  he was one of the original leads in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Tony Award-winning The Book of Mormon, and will next be seen as Steve Wozniak in the extremely questionable Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs.  Gad's an accomplished actor with a helluva lot of talent, so this is good news.  Likewise for Larry Charles, who's stamped his name on more than a few wildly successful comedies over the years, including Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Borat.  Doubts remain as to whether or not the guy who wrote xXx and xXx: State of The Union is really the best fit for this material. One of the film's producers mentions that the film will be as unconventional as the comedian it portrays, and with Charles involved that raises some interesting possibilities.  Then again, that could just be PR spin.  Guess we'll have to wait and see how this one turns out.  In the meantime, what do you guys think?  Interested in seeing a Kinison biopic?  Not so much? Sound off below.