PARADISE Trailer Renounces God For Vegas, Has Great Time

Have a look at Diablo Cody's directorial debut.

We know Diablo Cody as a writer, but with Paradise she finally makes the jump to director. Judging by this trailer, her most apparent act of authoritative audacity was turning Nick Offerman into a Mike Judge character.

Kind of like a less raunchy To Do List, Paradise is a comedy about a nice girl who renounces God after he tries to burn her alive with an airplane (that happened in The To Do List, right?). She travels to Las Vegas and becomes best pals with Octavia Spencer and Russell Brand, who help her indulge in her wildest fantasies.

Paradise looks decent enough, but rather than make its debut on the big screen, Cody's film will premiere on DirectTV later this week. The film will still hit theaters but not until October. Hopefully this release model ends up being a boon to the film rather than a hindrance.