WATCH:  BREAKING BAD, The Middle School Musical

Y'know, for the kids!

It almost goes without saying that AMC's Breaking Bad has become a genuine all-timer at this point, the sort of series we'll be name-checking for the rest of our lives (along with shows like The Sopranos, The Shield, Small Wonder, and The Wire) whenever the topic of "greatest TV shows ever" comes up.  And yet, some of you still haven't sat down to watch the damn thing.  For shame.

Considering the fact that AMC will begin airing the final eight episodes of Vince Gilligan's brilliant series this Sunday, time is of the essence if you want to get all caught up.  There's a few ways you can go about doing this:  you can forsake all other responsibilities, post up on your couch, and plow through the entire series via Netflix Instant over the next 3-4 days (recommended);  or you can get the gist of things from the video above, which presents Breaking Bad in the form of an extremely chipper middle-school musical (they've subbed out the meth for rock candy, which is...actually, that's totally reasonable).

Chances are, BAD will have a discussion thread going this Sunday (August 11th) for those of you playing along at home, so be sure to meet back here after the premiere, which airs at 9pm CST.