ENDER’S GAME Trailer Gives You New Reasons Not To See This Movie

This doesn't inspire much confidence.

We've all been debating Ender's Game and whether or not to boycott the film due to creator Orson Scott Card's virulent homophobia (which he puts into action by giving money to some truly despicable, destructive organizations). Summit got out ahead of the controversy by saying they would hold an LGBTQ fundraiser featuring the movie, which was nice. I like that. Maybe, we all thought, we wouldn't have to boycott this movie.

And now comes the trailer. What had been a boycott may have changed into a general staying-home-because-of-disinterest. NOTHING in this trailer gets me. It's got huge fleets of space ships battling and I simply do not care. It's got Harrison Ford mumbling the whole time and I can barely work up the energy to snark. It looks, frankly, bland. 

At first I thought maybe I was finally too old for this job. That the stuff that used to excite me - epic space battles! - no longer had any impact. So I asked Twitter if it was just me and everybody was like, 'No, this looks bad.' I still got it, baby!

What do you think? Does this look bad? Or do you hate gay people?

Side note, and a spoiler, I guess: I haven't read the book, but apparently it's a big twist at the end that there really IS an alien invasion. Ender spends the whole story thinking it's just a game. This trailer indicates the twist is not being saved for the movie.