EXPENDABLES 3: Bruce Willis Is Out, Harrison Ford Is In

Beware the wrath of Stallone's subtweets.

Once again, Sylvester Stallone's Twitter feed provides the best place to get the most accurate and entertaining news about Expendables 3. Today he dropped this bombshell:

What Stallone's tweet lacks in ambiguity, it more than makes up for in exclamation marks. He is so very happy to trade Willis for Ford. Why the excitement? It could be because Stallone is such a huge Harrison Ford fan. Or it could have something to do with this:

Not a lot of ambiguity here either, though it is a subtweet. Despite his involvement with the first two Expendables films, it looks like Willis wants too much money for the third one. I'm also guessing he demanded to perform his role from the comforts of a reclining wheelchair.

How the series will recover from the loss of this crucial character is completely beyond me. Each cog in the Expendables wheel is a vital part of the series' carefully cultivated mythos, and without Willis' Mr. Church, I'm not sure how it the ball can continue. Maybe Stallone can at least talk him into exiting via random airplane jump like he did with Jet Li.

It must be very frustrating trying to write the screenplay for this film. The whole construction is based not on plot but which known action star is willing to show up and for how long, like trying to write 11 SNL episodes all at the same time.

Hopefully, Bruce Willis' career will recover.