MUPPETS MOST WANTED Teaser Does Not Inspire Confidence

The gang is back, but do you want them?

Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Trailer on Disney Video

The end of this Muppets Most Wanted trailer claims the film hits theaters next spring. That's important information because if I didn't know better, I'd just assume this was made for television.

The Muppets are obviously great and seem to have their mojo back after 2011's The Muppets brought them back into the big time. But something feels off about this ad, as if Disney has used the franchise's newfound success and goodwill only to put them right back into the lackluster quagmire of lame jokes and unexciting celebrity appearances The Muppets were stuck in before James Bobin and Jason Segel's heartfelt film rescued them.

Bobin is back, and the film does include cast members who aren't known primarily for television (Tom Hiddleston plays someone named "Great Escapo" for instance), so maybe there's hope. It is just a teaser, after all. But jeez.