New THOR: THE DARK WORLD Trailer Has A Little Of Everything

Starring Tom Hiddleston as Loki!

I am so stupid excited for these new Marvel movies. While it looks like Captain America: The Winter Soldier will offer a real superhero espionage tale, Thor: The Dark World appears Hell-bent on delivering the cheesy, regal goofball epic we wanted all along.

The story's still a bit of a mystery, other than the fact that there are bad guys bugging both Earth and Asgard. This trailer's pretty Loki heavy, probably in an effort to talk Tumblr girls off the ledge after a harsh week that included not only the reveal of a wrinkled Doctor but a mustached John Watson as well.

I'm personally more excited for everyone else coming back. The trailer gives brief moments to the whole gang. Even Rene Russo gets a little knife action.

Thor: The Dark World comes out in November 8.