See YOU’RE NEXT In Austin With Barbara Crampton And AJ Bowen In Attendance - Free!

AND win a FF2013 VIP badge while you're at it. 

You're Next, the long-stalled home invasion horror film out from Lionsgate on August 23, is something quite special. It's made of a combination of elements that could seem rather prosaic on paper, but some mysterious alchemy instead delivers a film that is uncommon, one that's brutal and hilarious and lasting. I saw it months ago and have thought of it regularly since - some lucky/unlucky bastards (like Brian) saw it for the first time at Fantastic Fest in 2011 and have been tormented with longing for two years.

And on August 23, YOU can be the lucky bastard who's seen this movie. (Scratch out "can" and replace it with "will" if you know what's good for you.)

But if you live around Austin, you don't even have to wait that long. On Monday, August 12, the Alamo Drafthouse and Lionsgate are presenting a very special, FREE advance screening of the film with stars Barbara Crampton and AJ Bowen in attendance! When taking into account the cast's incredible performances, that curious alchemy becomes a little less unknowable, so it's crazy exciting that Crampton and Bowen will be there to present the film in person. 

Equally as exciting/crazy? This part: 

Fantastic Fest VIP Badges have been sold out for months but we’re offering you one last chance to get one for FREE! At this one special screening of YOU’RE NEXT a few lucky souls will be offered the chance to compete for the prize.  We won’t tell you exactly what the competition entails, but we'll tell you that it involves an obstacle course and it’s going to hurt. To compete for the Fantastic Fest VIP Badge fill out this entry form. We will only pick a select few competitors so be creative!

So join me! I've seen the film but I'm driving to Austin just to see it again under these spectacularly rad circumstances. And if you're unable to attend due to geographical infeasibility (the only acceptable excuse), then catch it in theaters August 23. 

RSVP here.