THE EXORCIST TV Series Coming To Defile Your Tivo

To be honest, it was probably already long defiled anyway.

Deadline reports that William Friedkin's classic horror film, The Exorcist, may soon become the basis for a TV series. Apparently the possibility has been developing for some time. The news is that now Fantastic Four reboot and Fables writer Jeremy Slater is attached.

Slater's involvement comes with some new angle that conceptually distinguishes this Exorcist TV show from what the previous incarnation would have been, a statement that probably means a great deal to the people involved but nothing to us other than the fact that the show is in the hands of a rising screenwriter with specific ideas for the property.

So if the idea really bugs you, maybe wait and see what the Exorcist TV series actually entails, should it come to pass. Surely it will involve more than just one little girl puking pea soup for thirteen episodes, though that probably wouldn't be so bad either. The show is currently being shopped to networks.