Tim League Is Ready To Fight That Guy Who Wants Wifi In Movie Theaters

Could this be the main event at this year's Fantastic Debate?

Fantastic Fest is the greatest film festival in the whole world. It shows great movies, is filled with great people and is generally days upon days of great fun. One of the highlights of Fantastic Fest, one of the things that makes it stand head and shoulders above other festivals, is the annual Fantastic Debate. I've participated in this a couple of times - it's a two-part deathmatch where people first debate a topic and then get in the boxing ring to fight about it. Last year filmmaker Joe Swanberg cleaned my clock in the fight portion of our debate. It hurt a lot!

Every year Tim League, the honcho of the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest, fights in the main event. In the past he's gone up against Uwe Boll, Michelle Rodriguez and an Irish bare-knuckle champion. This year's opponent is as yet unknown, but it could be Hunter Walk. 

You'll remember Hunter from this article a couple of days ago; he's the guy who wants movie theaters to provide wifi, better lighting and the option to chat during movies. This is clearly against everything that Tim League and the Alamo stands for, and when he got word of this guy, Tim called him out on Twitter:

!“I hereby throw the gauntlet. I'll fight him," League tweeted. And knowing Tim this isn't an idle statement - he will get in the ring with Hunter Walk.

But will Hunter walk away* from this fight? I think Hunter would actually have a very nice time at Fantastic Fest before getting KO'ed. And he could do it all in theaters where people are respectfully quiet and attentive during movies. 

UPDATE: Hunter Walk initially turned down the offer, but according to his Twitter feed he and Tim are currently emailing. Could the fight still happen? 

* see what I did there?

Photo by Tammy Perez, via Austin 360