A Dutch behind the scenes special from way back when includes the only known footage of the suppressed Jerry Lewis movie!

There is a holy grail of film, and it is The Day The Clown Cried. Jerry Lewis wrote and directed this film about a once-famous circus clown who finds himself in a concentration camp during the Holocaust; he entertains children on their way to the gas chamber. Lewis apparently came to his senses after completing the movie; it was never released. It sits, unseen by most (Harry Shearer has apparently seen it ) in Jerry Lewis' personal archives. It has become a sensation, a movie infamous among film buffs. Should The Day The Clown Cried ever be released it will be a momentous occasion indeed. 

It has been impossible to see anything from the movie... until now. A video popped up on YouTube that has part of a Dutch TV special about the making of the movie. It includes footage from the movie of Jerry in clownface - which he applies himself! - and talking about how he has music on set to create the mood. There's also a bit of Jerry with ashen grey make-up - I'm assuming that's how he looks in the camp. It's some of the most exciting stuff I have seen in years, and it gives me irrational hope that someday we'll actually get to watch this entire movie. Jerry can't live forever, and he's the one holding it back.