Telltale’s FABLES Adaptation THE WOLF AMONG US Gets A Big Bad Trailer

The creators of THE WALKING DEAD videogame turn their eyes to another comic adaptation.

Here's the debut trailer for Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us, which just premiered on IGN.

As you can see the series will focus on Bigby Wolf, known in fairy tales as the harasser of grandmothers and poor little pigs. He lives in NYC and acts as Sheriff of the "Fables" who live hidden among the people of the city and occasionally get up to no good. He's basically a werewolf with the ability to control the wind (huffing, puffing, etc. ) and a keen detective's snout.

You know, I read the first trade or so of Fables years ago when it first came out and enjoyed it, but I tried picking it back up (via those beautiful deluxe editions) and couldn't really get into it. Too much of it is taking old stories and trying to be subversive with it but in the most obvious ways possible. I found myself enjoying the one-shots more than the overreaching story- there's still some great dark material scattered throughout it but I can't believe the series is still running. (Fans- how has it fared over the years? Only read through the second deluxe trade.)

That said, there is some great material to mine and after The Walking Dead stunned everyone last year (and this!) Telltale can do no wrong. The first episode of the season, 'Faith', will hit all platforms soon.