Trailer For MOB CITY, Frank Darabont’s TNT Event Series

Lots of people eat lots of lead.

Frank Darabont returns to television this December with TNT's "Event Series" Mob City (previously known as Lost Angles), which follows morally dubious cops and vicious gangsters in '40s Los Angeles. So far, it's only supposed to run six episodes. Frank Darabont wrote and directed the pilot, and executive produces alongside Michael De Luca and Elliot Webb.

The bad cops vs. bad robbers gangster story sounds pretty typical, but this trailer indicates a better than normal execution. And by that, I'm referring solely to all the violence on display.

A lot of good actors will appear in this, as well as Ed Burns. The film boasts not only badasses like Robert Knepper and Jon Bernthal, but according to IMDB, anyway, the guy who looks sort of like Simon Pegg in the trailer actually is Simon Pegg. And, of course, Darabont regular Jeffrey DeMunn will show up.

Hopefully this turns out well. The trailer is a little dry at first, but then gets almost comically extreme once the drop hits. And I'm always a big fan of things that are comically extreme.