Women Pay Woody Allen In Order To Have Sex With John Turturro: The FADING GIGOLO Trailer

Hang in there, aging gentlemen. This could happen to you.

Movie fans have always known the day would eventually come when John Turturro writes and directs a film where he plays a male prostitute with Woody Allen as his pimp. That day is finally approaching.

An official TIFF selection, Fading Gigolo is one of those films you have to see based on premise alone, but it's nice to have a good looking trailer to help back up all that wonderful potential for charm, comedy, and three-way sex fantasies starring Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. Don't even act like you're not dying to see this.

While this is all territory well trod by the legendary Deuce Bigalow films, it seems likely that Fading Gigolo will bring something new to the male prostitute table. Likability, for instance.