The Ultimate Stand Against Spoilers: Dying BREAKING BAD Superfan Refused To Hear Show’s End

Why was BREAKING BAD's series premiere dedicated to Kevin Cordasco? Because the dying teen was dedicated to BREAKING BAD.

At the end of the premiere of Breaking Bad this season we saw a dedication card, 'To our friend Kevin Cordasco.' Many wondered who he was, and the Hollywood Reporter got the story - a 16 year old cancer patient and superfan who, in his final days, connected with the cast and creators of the show.

“He and his friends watched it obsessively and ate pizza in his bedroom,” [Kevin's father] tells THR. “There was something about the Walter White character…the way he took control of his illness, and his life, that really resonated with Kevin.” As his condition worsened, Kevin’s godmother asked her friend Kim Byrd, an agent at Innovative Artists, if she could help Kevin meet the cast and creator Vince Gilligan.

Byrd’s colleague, Cher Van Amburg, is married to Sony TV marketing exec Chris Van Amburg, who reached out to star Bryan Cranston for help. “I literally got a call the next day from Bryan’s assistant,” says Byrd. Adds Cordasco, “Bryan and his wife sat with Kevin for hours at the hospital. And then Vince came to our house, along with some of the cast. They even invited Kevin to the writers room. He was beyond thrilled.”

Gilligan tried to have Kevin come to the Albuquerque set of the show, but he was too ill. With it looking like Kevin wouldn't make it to the end of season 5 part 2, Gilligan offered to tell him how the story would end. 

Kevin refused. 

It's touching - the kid had so much fight in him that he intended to see the show as it aired. Unfortunately he died this spring, just as the final season was wrapping production. He went without ever knowing what would happen to Walter White in the end.