A Word on Badass Digest And YEAH!

A fireside chat about some upcoming sponsored content.

I'm about to run an article that is technically sponsored content. The sponsor is YEAH!, who has had the site skin for the last day. They're an online streaming service that offers up movies with interactive trivia tracks, polls, galleries and all sorts of other doodads which I think is pretty neat. You can watch the movie clean or you can play with the interactive stuff. They've also entered a sponsor partnership with us, which I  think is even neater.

Here's how this is going to work: we're going to write about movies in YEAH!'s library. If you go their site you'll see that they have a library with some pretty cool movies, and I've seen what they're adding in the future and it's only getting better. Our deal with them is simply that: write some editorial content about movies in their library. Basically they're paying us to write a little bit of longform content about older movies... which is exactly the sort of stuff we like doing here anyway.

We've taken this sponsorship after lots of thought and negotiation. The reality is that it costs money to run a site like this and to keep the caliber of writers we have, and standard web advertising simply doesn't pay those bills. We've been looking into all sorts of alternative revenue streams, and this is one that I liked a lot. There's no pressure on us to write about particular movies, and there's no pressure on us to write specific things about these movies. 

I think this is a good way to keep the site running while maintaining our integrity. I hope you agree. I urge you to use this thread to give us feedback, comments and thoughts on this partnership. We're dedicated to keeping this site smart, funny and interesting, but we're also dedicated to paying our writers and keeping the servers up. While we're technically an arm of the Alamo Drafthouse we are fully responsible for our own profits and losses, and we're going to do everything we can - while staying who we are - to increase those profits. A more profitable Badass Digest has more writers, more diverse content and more fun for you guys. 

There are some other plans in the future for how to make money, but for now let's welcome our new partner YEAH!, and let me know what movies in their library you'd like to see our writers tackle.