GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE Is Almost Big Enough To Be Its Own Game

New trailer for the game shows that you won't be trading it in anytime soon.

The last trailer for GTAV was doing pretty well, showing all the ins and the outs of the single player game, but when they gave us a little preview of the multiplayer jaws dropped. A world full of real people fighting and racing and racing jets looked absolutely amazing, but it was just a tease. Here's your look at the full thing.

The biggest news is that it's pretty much its own game. You've got a full seperate storyline featuring characters from the main game, its own missions and empire-building. Jump online and you'll ignore lobbies, jumping into a world with 15 other players. Rockstar will do its best to ensure you will find friends and crewmembers when they're online, but otherwise these people will be running around doing their own thing . Missions can be completed as teams however, such as the liquor store robberies and such featured in the trailer. They sound like the most fun- you'll get an objective and suggestions for what kind of roles people should be playing (driver, sniper, etc.) and then you'll all figure out the plan beforehand in a planning room. Just be wary- like in Kane and Lynch the guy who ends up holding the money decides the split, or can decide to split.

Each mission will earn you reputation points which will let you meet more characters in the world, each of which will give you new missions or favors to call in. The world will be almost persistent, as well. Player-owned vehicles never disappear, although you can now insure them to make sure that when it's destroyed you don't lose your fancy, upgraded ride. Apartments can be purchased and lived in, with the TV giving you news reports about what kind of shenanigans the other people in the game are up to.

While Grand Theft Auto V comes out mid-September Grand Theft Auto Online will be available as a free patch on October 1st. That's one helluva way to ensure that no one trades their games in right after plowing through it!