LA: Win Tickets To FATEFUL FINDINGS, A Movie That Will Smash Your Mind

I would say 'You are not ready' but I'm trying to give away a pair of tickets here.

Tomorrow night at midnight Badass DIgest and Everything Is Festival will present Fateful Findings, one of the most bugfuck awesome movies I have ever seen. Neil Breen, the unique voice behind the film, will be there for a Q&A I will moderate. I will likely be kind of drunk. But professional!

I have a pair of tickets to give away to one of you lucky people. This is going to be one of the great theater events of 2013 and I am not even beginning to oversell this. Here's what I've written about Fateful Findings in the past:

I don't even know how to explain this film. One part bizarre romance, one part bizarre paranormal movie, one part bizarre government conspiracy film, Fateful Findings is like a direct portal into the mind of Breen, who directed the film, produced the film, edited the film, stars in the film and who has a credit both for the story and the screenplay. Dylan (Neil Breen) is a successful novelist and computer guy who rediscovers his forgotten childhood psychic powers after getting hit by a car. While in the hospital he is reconnected with his childhood girlfriend, and their rekindled connection begins to get between Dylan and his current, drug-addled girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dylan starts hacking into every government database and learns terrible secrets about the world. This all leads up to one of the most bravura conclusions in the history of cinema. I am not exaggerating.

I first saw Fateful Findings with a packed crowd in Austin in December and I cannot even begin to explain to you the ecstatic reactions. This is a movie that operates on no previously known level, that obliterates the very concept of absurdity. It's the ultimate midnight movie for a post-The Room world. It may not be the most polished movie you've ever seen, but goddamn does Fateful Findings go for broke, and goddamn is it full of heart and special vision. And I'd rather see that than another Sharknado.

It is my incredible honor to be co-presenting Fateful Findings as part of Everything Is Festival, the annual Everything Is Terrible festival at the Cinefamily. It's the film's Los Angeles premiere, and auteur Neil Breen will be in the house to do a Q&A, which I'll be moderating. I couldn't be more excited - this is a guy who has made a number of films way, way outside the system, and I think he's the living embodiment of the democratization of cinema. 

Want tickets? Send an email to devin at with FATEFUL FINDINGS in the subject line. 

If you don't want to try your luck you can just buy tickets by clicking here. You guys: if you are in Los Angeles tomorrow night it is your sacred duty to attend this screening. I swear to god if you like the strange, the psychotronic, the unique visions of outsider artists, you will love Fateful Findings

Here's the trailer: