TWILIGHT ZONE Movie Twist Revealed: Will Be Pretty, Hollow

TRON LEGACY's Joseph Kosinski the latest director attached to the useless movie version of the TV classic.

I love The Twilight Zone. I always have, and in my house the days when there are Twilight Zone marathons are the most exciting days of the year. We've had a Twilight Zone TV reboot, which was okay, and a Twilight Zone movie, which wasn't that good but would probably have been better received if fewer children had been killed during its production. I think I'd welcome another attempt at a Twilight Zone TV show, but a movie?

One has been in development for a while anyway, because nobody asks my opinion on these things*. It's been through a couple of directors and now Warner Bros has found a new one: Joseph Kosinski. Yes, the guy who directed Tron Legacy and Oblivion, two movies that are successes in the 'everybody who tries is  winner!' kind of way. How does this guy direct two movies that didn't do so well and almost nobody liked but still get high profile work? That's not rhetorical, the answer is foreign box office. Both films did well overseas. 

Will The Twilight Zone do well overseas? I can't even imagine what this movie would be, let alone what it would be that would appeal to foreign audiences, who like our action pictures and not our talky pictures. And I don't know what kind of Twilight Zone movie Kosinski will make, since he has now directed two expensive, beautiful and utterly empty science fiction movies. The guy clearly has nothing to say, and The Twilight Zone is all about saying something.

Nobody at Warner Bros knows what kind of movie he'll make either; it's being developed again from scratch for him. Is it an anthology? Is it a single story? Is it the prologue to a trilogy of films that will cost $200 million dollars and be stunningly boring? That last one feels like a good guess. 

* The fools.