How STAR WARS EPISODE VII’s Release Date Might Make History

When will EPISODE VII be released? There's nothing official, but we know the date Disney is kicking around.

We were shocked that Disney had no Star Wars news to give at the D23 convention, not even a release date. We know that Episode VII is scheduled for 2015, and we assume that it's coming out in May, the usual Star Wars month. But what if it isn't? What if Episode VII still comes out in 2015 but breaks the Star Wars release mold?

Multiple sources have told me that right now Disney and Lucasfilm have December circled on their calendars, with a mid-month release - the 15th - being most likely. That would take Star Wars out of the crowded summer and, more importantly, give JJ Abrams and company a couple more months to work on a movie that's already running a tighter schedule than most of the other Star Wars films.

Why haven't they announced this? Possibly with a big 'We're giving you a Christmas gift' campaign? If I had to guess it's because they're not even sure JJ will make that date. They could push it back all the way to actual Christmas. Or perhaps it gets pushed out of 2015 altogether. That's obviously a last resort, as Alan Horn took the stage at D23 and recomittted to 2015.

Every single other Star Wars movie has been released in May, so moving to December is, symbolically, a big deal. It takes the movie out of what promises to be a bloody, ugly summer. And it gives Abrams and company more time to get the movie made. I'm all for it. What do you think of a potential December release?