International THE COUNSELOR Trailer Will Take Your Head Off

Coming soon. But not soon enough.

"How could this be bad?" Famous last words before stepping into a Ridley Scott film. Nevertheless, how could this be bad?

Scripted by Cormac McCarthy, a writer who has scared the shit out of me way more than Stephen King, The Counselor looks like a pretty hardcore crime thriller. The cast is amazing. Michael Fassbender's the lead, Javier Bardem has weird hair, Brad Pitt plays that guy from Killing Them Softly but now with cowboy affectations, and Cameron Diaz plays Kristin Scott Thomas (who may also be a Trill). Seriously, how could this be bad?

Actually, there are plenty of ways this could be bad, but I'm holding out hope none of them materialize. We'll finally find out when the movie comes out October 25. Just in time for everyone to dress like Javier Bardem's character for Halloween!