KITCHEN SINK Gets Some Patton Oswalt And Bob Odenkirk Action

The movie officially sounds awesome now.

Kitchen Sink is a genre mashing movie about a world where zombies, vampires, and humans all exist in a social hierarchy until one day they say "screw that" and go to war with aliens. It is supposedly one of those films that has lots of fun genre elements but bows to a primary concern for coming of age humanism.

Filming has just started for Kitchen Sink. And just in time, the cast now has two pretty great additions. Deadline reports that Patton Oswalt and Bob Odenkirk will join a group that already includes Nicholas Braun, Joan Cusack, and Denis Leary.

I suppose Oswalt brings the bigger heat, name-wise, but the inclusion of Odenkirk makes this an automatic see for me. They're both great though, and help give this film a bit more credibility as we all decide whether or not to get excited about it.