Playstation 4 To Launch November 15th, With Over 30 Games By The End Of The Year

Less than three months till the Sony's next next-gen hits. Are you diving in?

At Gamescom today Song announced that the PS4 will launch on November 15th in the U.S. and Canada. European and Latin American gamers will be able to pick it up just a little later on November 29th.

There's no set launch titles for day one just yet but 33 games will be available by the end of the year, a  mix of retail and downloadable games. Here's what you can get.



As you can see, a mix of old and new games, although as with most console launches you can get many of these titles on the last generation. Along with the games Sony finally announced that the PS4 will support Twitch, the internet streaming service, so you can share your gameplay via the Share button on the DUALSHOCK 4. 

But wait- there's more. You may have seen the sales the last couple of weeks in certain stores but they made the $199 price drop for the Playstation Vita official, , which certainly makes it more enticing. That's the price across the board for all models, including the Walking Dead/3G bundle that's out this week. Pretty damn temping if I do say so myself. They've also knocked a few bucks over those pricey memory cards as well, although 80 bucks for a 32 gig card still sounds awful when you think about the price of a similar SD card.

200 bucks is also the price point for a brand new PS3 model that's in stores right now. The only catch with this one is that it only has a 12 gig hard drive. It's not a bad idea for anyone who's not looking to download any games (or anyone who just needs one of the best blu-ray players on the market) but some downloadable games exceed that amount, so I'd steer clear.

Indie game fans will also have a lot to be pleased about, with an absolutely staggering number of great games coming to PS4 and Vita- like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, N++, Fez, Wasteland Kings from Ridiculous Fishing devs Vlambeer, Volume from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, Rogue Legacy, and Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse. But the biggest and best news is that Hotline Miami 2 (review of the original) will be exclusive to PS4 and Vita. When Sony said they were going to be a haven for indie developers they weren't kidding. Microsoft announced a really strong launch lineup as well but no official date just yet- we'll see what they have up their sleeves.