Marion Cotillard To Join Michael Fassbender In Upcoming MACBETH Adaptation

Natalie Portman washes her hands of the role.

Deadline reports that Marion Cotillard will replace Natalie Portman as Lady Macbeth in Justin Kurzel's upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare's play. Michael Fassbender is still playing the title character, though.

While certainly one of Shakespeare's more movie-friendly works, I always have a difficult time getting excited for more Macbeth adaptations and wish filmmakers would try out lesser known plays like Ralph Fiennes did with Coriolanus and Michael Almereyda is doing next year with Cymbeline. I've seen Macbeth so many times, even the weird ones are like working through a checklist of murders and new interpretations of the witch scenes.

Nevertheless, it's equally hard to deny that a Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender is a pretty good idea. It would have been interesting to see Natalie Portman's interpretation of Lady Macbeth, but Marion Cotillard is great as well.

Macbeth doesn't start filming until next year, so it still has plenty of time to turn into a Coen Brothers adaptation of Troilus and Cressida starring Michael Fassbender as Achilles and Marion Cotillard as Paris.