Check Out The Beautiful New INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS Trailer

Always jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

People cut great trailers for bad movies all the time. There's very little chance such shenanigans are going on here. We've had other convincing trailers for Inside Llewyn Davis, but this one is easily the best. To probably quote Gene Shalit: It just sings.

Even if this weren't the latest Coen Brothers film the trailer makes it a must-see. There's sadness, there's humor, we see a ton of great actors (F. Murray Abraham!), and it's all to the soothing sounds of "Fare Thee Well" played by Jason Bateman and Will Forte's folk band.

There's even tension. I'm genuinely concerned for the cat. The idea of holding onto a feline while a subway approaches fills me with dread.

Inside Llewyn Davis will appear at the incredible sounding New York Film Festival. The rest of us get to see it on December 6.