How Handsome Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Rocket Raccoon?

Answer: All the handsome.

According to Latino Review, Marvel has offered the part of Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Racoon to non other than Bradley Cooper. There's a joke here about how they may have mistaken the character for Sly Cooper, but someone else already made it, I think.

The scoop does not indicate whether Cooper has accepted the role, so it's still up in the air as far as that goes. If true, the news does indicate what kind of Rocket Raccoon James Gunn wants. A lot of fan casting for the character has involved tough guy voices that might be humorously incongruous with the angry mammal's tiny build. There have also been lots of rumors about comedians taking the role. Cooper fits in more with the latter idea. We know from The A-Team that he can play a joyful smart-ass that works well with an ensemble. So sure. Why not?

I guess we'll soon see how this one shakes out. All I know for sure is that I have super high hopes for Guardians of the Galaxy. Whoever they cast, it's still a major release with a badass tree fighting alongside a badass raccoon.