DIVERGENT Appears To Be A Movie Of Some Sort

The much anticipated trailer hopefully anticipates a better trailer in the future.

There is something about this Divergent trailer that rubs me the wrong way, as though its very existence should generate excitement rather than any actual interesting content.

Nothing in the trailer looks bad, necessarily. Shailene Woodley in full-on Jennifer Lawrence mode and Kate Winslet in full-on Tilda Swinton/Jodie Foster mode indicate good things, and I tend to like Maggie Q. But the trailer offers no real idea of what the story is about outside of the fact that it takes place in a despotic future, and there's something special about Shailene Woodley's character that puts her life in danger. Meanwhile, Hunky LongFace teaches her how to fight or something?

Divergent represents another popular young adult novel movie adaptation, which means that while I have no idea what's going on here, tons of youngsters are probably all up in this shit already. The trailer definitely feels like it plays to a pre-sold crowd rather than as an introduction. Maybe later down the line, they'll get to including the rest of us.

Can any of you educate me on this in the comments? Did I miss something? It's totally possible. I'm about three drinks into my Sunday night and left my thinking cap at church.