BOURNE Again? Damon Back In Negotiations

Will Universal have the right chems for him?

The Bourne Legacy was a pretty weak stopgap movie tiding us over until the hopeful day when Universal could bring Matt Damon back for a fourth go-round as Jason Bourne. That's always been the endgame scenario, but Damon has been fairly vocal - he would only come back to the role if Paul Greengrass directed again.

Twitch is now reporting that Universal is currently in dual negotiations with Damon and Greengrass in an attempt to make the series whole again. I imagine there's a lot of money getting tossed around, but the studio will have to really answer the big question Damon himself had after The Bourne Ultimatum: now that Jason Bourne knows who he is and went home, what could possibly be a story worth telling with him? I like that the Bourne films have an ending, and while I'd like to see Damon and Greengrass back - they're a killer team - that story is told and I feel satisfied. 

If Universal convinces the two to come back, what happens to Jeremy Renner? He was supposed to be the new face of the franchise, but he never really took off. I like Renner a lot but he hasn't taken off in general; any sense that he was being handed the MIssion: Impossible franchise seems to have evaporated, and while Hawkeye was great in The Avengers he seems to have disappeared from Marvel Phase Two. If he loses the Bourne franchise he'll be back to flipping homes in LA. Which he's still doing and making a killing at, by the way.