See If You Can Guess The New Icons For Fantastic Fest 2013!

What could they mean? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Every year the Fantastic Fest officials introduce new icons to the festival print guide, icons that indicate whether a film includes anything from backne to voodoo, from bald sex to witch doctors. 

This year we're ushering in eight new icons, and we want you to guess their meaning! It's a game, see? Answer key at the bottom, but give 'er the old college try first, won't you? 

And the answer key! Tell us how many you got right downstairs.

ʇɔɐʇuoɔ ɥɔʇoɹɔ oʇ ǝɔɐɟ (8 lɐʇǝɯ (7 ǝƃɐʍǝs (6 uoıʇɹoqɐ (5 uɐʇɐs (4 snsǝɾ (3 ƃuıuosıod pooɟ (2 ʎɥʇɐdǝlǝʇ (1