BAD MILO Goes All-Out Poochie In Fun Alternative Poster

Available in iTunes today!

I don't know. Good movie posters don't necessarily ensure the advertised film will reach the same levels of quality you see in the one-sheet. Show me a movie poster featuring a butt demon wearing sunglasses and riding a skateboard, however, and it's hard not to get excited. Obviously, Bad Milo's not going to be Citizen Kane. But maybe it'll make a good pair with its lesser known sequel, Citizen Kane 2: Winter Break Snow Shredderz?

I've heard mostly good things about Bad Milo. The film stars Ken Marino as a guy with a stomach distress that comes out of his ass and kills people who make him angry, something most non-vegetarians can relate to. The film hit iTunes today and will be in theaters starting October 4. Watch it on the toilet.