Comic Adaptation LORE Gets A New Director

David Green to replace Barry Sonnenfeld.

Warner Bros. bought the comic book property, Lore, last year with The Rock attached to star and Barry Sonnenfeld in talks to direct. Since then, Sonnenfeld has left the project. THR reports that the film will now be directed by David Green, whose only other feature film, Echo, won't come out until January.

Lore's story involves a secret society of people who keep mythological beasts at bay. I dunno, something bad happens and soon only one person can save the world from being taken over by Chimeras and Jackalopes and things like that.

The science fiction action film is likely going to be pretty large in scope, which is a big step up for a new director. Many see the property as an attempt to claim some of the science fiction-action-comedy magic that made films like Men in Black, Men in Black II, and Men in Black III such successes, which Sonnenfeld's previous involvement makes kind of obvious. Audiences clearly love movies like this. Otherwise we wouldn't be getting that RIPD amusement park on the moon.