Jesus God, Please Don’t Let Alex Pettyfer Be In The New STAR WARS

Rachel Hurd-Wood is fine, though.

The latest Star Wars casting rumors are in, and I strongly dislike one of them. Blank awful guy who has "THANK YOU" tattooed on his crotch, Alex Pettyfer, is up for a role that may be Luke Skywalker's son, which I keep hearing is the lead role. Pettyfer, who starred in the disastrous I Am Number Four and who played the douchebag stripper in Magic Mike to pefection, is exactly the sort of generic prettyboy whose casting would speak volumes about the production.

On the other hand Rachel Hurd-Wood is also being considered for a role, probably that of Princess Leia and Han Solo's child. Hurd-Wood hasn't had a lot of great roles, but she's been very good in the past; she's quite wonderful in Peter Pan (which I recently rewatched and continued to adore, even with some dodgy FX) and she's good in Perfume. She seems like an actress with possibility. 

It's hard to say how solid these casting rumors are. What we're dealing with on Star Wars Episode VII is a movie still in flux. Beyond that, every agent is going to be trying to get their clients in front of JJ Abrams for this one, and many of them will try to help their clients by leaking their names to the press. I do think we're very close to some major casting announcements, and there's been a huge rumor ping-ponging among the film bloggers that could surface in a couple of days. I won't be the guy to do so - I just don't feel confident enough to put it in writing - but if it's true people will be happy. Happier than they will be with Alex Pettyfer, that's for sure.

And yes, the main page image is cropped that way on purpose.