Kathleen Turner joins the second dumbest movie ever.

There is going to be a Dumb and Dumber To. And while this sort of late game sequel has offered more disappointments than Stallone-type success stories, I can't think of another time when I was more eager to see Jim Carrey really knock a comedic performance out of the park. And of course, take your goofy Jeff Daniels wherever you can find him.

According to Variety, none other than Kathleen Turner will appear in the sequel. Turner hasn't retired from acting exactly, but she's definitely retired from acting in movies or television shows I'm likely to watch. But I do miss her. No one's sure who she's playing but there are some indications she could be the mother of either Harry or Lloyd's child. Or maybe she had both their kids.

Dumb and Dumber To will begin shooting this fall from a script written by We're the Millers team, Sean Anders and John Morris. I really really want it to be good, but you never know.