It’s Official! It’s Happening! Marvel Has Confirmed The Internet Rumors! It’s All Totally True! Brad

ley Cooper Is Rocket Raccoon In Guardians of the Galaxy!

Latino Review had the scoop and now it's confirmed: Bradley Cooper will be doing the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's big risk space adventure movie for next year. I know that Marvel had been looking to go big with this part - rumor had it they really wanted Johnny Depp - and Cooper is pretty big. Oscar nominee, something of a hearthrob, all that. Plus, Rocket is definitely going to be the breakout character; the response he's gotten already shows me that people are ready to love a deadly little adorable animal.

What does his casting tell us about Rocket Raccoon in this movie? The footage I saw at D23 and Comic Con had Rocket as a spitting, snarling dervish with lots of big guns. Might Cooper use his suavest, smuggest, most animation-friendly voice to create a hilarious counterpoint to that? 

I'm no fan of Cooper and his smug, smug face, but at least I won't have to actually look at him for the duration of the film. And maybe this will be the role that wins me over!