Benedict Cumberbatch Rumored For STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Could Sherlock be the newest Sith lord?

Last week I mentioned that all of the movie bloggers were sitting on one bit of Star Wars casting rumor. That rumor has finally been published, and now I can weigh in with my own thoughts: Screencrush is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch may appear in Star Wars Episode VII.

I've heard this too, and I've heard the role he's up for is that of a bad guy, almost certainly a Sith. And it's a major role, one that will continue throughout the whole new trilogy. This part is why he dropped out of Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak

But it's not a done deal, and it may not yet come together. There are some other commitments Cumberbatch will have to break to secure the part. In the meantime, I know that there have been official denials coming down from multiple channels - these denials are why the story didn't break in a trade - but with a JJ Abrams production I never believe the denials. That's not to say I think Cumberbatch is guaranteed the part, I just ignore the denials and wait for the official announcement. I mean, remember when Abrams said Khan wasn't the bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness?