MAN OF TAI CHI’S New Trailer Has Only One Thing On Its Mind

Lots and lots and lots of fighting.

Yesterday brought a new trailer for Keanu Reeves' 47 Ronin. Today (well, technically, last night) brings a new trailer for his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, which will be playing at this year's Fantastic Fest.

Aside from all the awesome fighting (and it is almost all awesome fighting), my favorite thing about the trailer is actually the rating. The green band displays a loud and proud R explained with one word and one word only: Violence.

I'm also really fond of the fact that the film's star, Tiger Chen, simply plays a guy named Tiger, as there's not much room for improvement when you're already named after a lethal cat. It's actually appropriate here as the story apparently was inspired by Chen's real life story. Somehow. Maybe it's safer not to know how much.

Man of Tai Chi opens in November.