PARKS AND RECREATION Season 5 Gag Reel is 20 Minutes of Wonderful

You deserve to laugh today.

Stop what you are doing and clear 20 minutes from your schedule -- you really, really need to watch all five (yes, five) parts of this amazing Parks and Recreation season 5 gag reel. The Parks and Rec gag reel is the most anticipated element of each season's DVD release, aside from the episodes themselves, obviously. And with season 5 hitting shelves yesterday, the gag reel has found its way to the internet so even those who don't buy DVDs or Blu-rays (mom? Is that you?) can check it out.

The first video opens with Jon Glaser's amazingly horrible Councilman Jamm introducing the reel and preparing you for a very profane 20 minutes of outtakes and goofs. Among the four videos, we get more of Perd Hapley's awesome film reviews on Lights, Camera, Perd, in which he thinks Thelma and Louise ends with a joke about women drivers (classic Perd), commercials for Tom's Rent-a-Swag store, and a ridiculous amount of profanity from the cast. It's delightfully weird to hear Rob Lowe breaking from full Chris Traeger mode to say "fuck." There's lots of your typical forgotten lines and crack-ups from the whole cast, and Nick Offerman's trademark giggle is never not entertaining. Chris Pratt is, sort of unsurprisingly, like a 12 year old boy -- it's all penises and burps and farts, and a very silly and dirty interaction with an ice cream cone.

But for me comedy is sort of like Mad Men spoilers: I can tell you what happens -- verbatim, even -- but it won't make any sense or have any effect on you when you're hearing or reading it out of context, without all the dressing and pizzazz (like the Whole Foods salad bar). So just watch the videos and laugh your precious little butts off and have a great day, everyone!